Appendix E: Maintenance Inspection Checklist


“As Built” Plans Available?                                                                                                              


Days Since Previous Rainfall and Rainfall Amount:                                                                               



Maintenance Item Satisfactory
Unsatisfactory Comments
1. Embankment and Emergency Spillway
·       Vegetation and ground cover adequate
·       Embankment erosion
·       Animal burrows
·       Unauthorized planting
·       Cracking, bulging, or sliding of embankment/dam
a. Upstream face
b. Downstream face
c. At or beyond toe
d. Emergency spillway
·       Pond, toe & chimney drains clear and functioning
·       Seeps/leaks on downstream face
·       Slope protection or riprap failure
·       Vertical/horizontal alignment of top of dam “As-Built”
·       Emergency spillway clear of obstructions and debris
·       Other (specify)
2.  Riser and Principal Spillway
·       Low flow orifice obstructed
·       Low flow trash rack obstructed with debris
·       Weir trash rack obstructed with debris
·       Excessive sediment accumulation insider riser
·       Concrete/masonry condition riser and barrels
a.  Cracks or displacement
b.  Minor spalling (<1”)
c.  Major spalling (rebars exposed)
d.  Joint failures
e.  Water tightness
·       Metal pipe condition
·       Control valve
a.  Operational/exercised
b.  Chained and locked
·       Pond drain valve
a.  Operational/exercised
b.  Chained and locked
·       Outfall channels functioning
·       Other (specify)
3.  Permanent Pool (Wet Ponds)
·       Undesirable vegetative growth
·       Floating or floatable debris removal required
·       Visible pollution
·       Shoreline problem
·       Other (specify)
4.  Sediment Forebay
·       Sedimentation noted
·       Greater than 50% of storage volume remaining
5.  Dry Pond Areas
·       Vegetation coverage adequate
·       Undesirable vegetative growth
·       Undesirable woody vegetation
·       Low flow channels clear of obstructions
·       Standing water or wet spots
·       Sediment and/or trash accumulation
·       Other (specify)
6.  Condition of Outfalls
·       Riprap failures
·       Slope erosion
·       Storm drain pipes
·       Endwalls/Headwalls
·       Other (specify)
7.  Other
·       Complaints from residents (odors, insects, other)
·       Aesthetics (graffiti, algae, other)
·       Conditions of maintenance access routes
·       Signs of hydrocarbon build-up
·       Any public hazards (specify)
8.  Wetland Vegetation
·       Vegetation healthy and growing
·       Wetland maintaining 50% surface area coverage of wetland plants after the second growing season.  (If unsatisfactory, reinforcement plantings needed)
·       Survival of desired wetland plant species distribution according to landscaping plan?
·       Evidence of invasive species
·       Maintenance of adequate water depths for desired wetland plant species.
·       Harvesting of emergent plantings needed
·       Have sediment accumulations reduced pool volume significantly or are plants “choked with sediment.
·       Other (specify)
Actions to Be Taken:






To Be Completed By (Date):