Chapter 11: Proprietary Stormwater BMPs

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Proprietary stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs) are manufactured systems that use proprietary settling, filtration, absorption/adsorption, vortex principles, vegetation, and other processes to remove pollutants from stormwater runoff. Proprietary BMPs are commonly used as pretreatment for other BMPs (see Chapter 13) or as treatment systems in retrofit applications where physical site constraints limit the use of other retention and/or treatment BMPs. Common types of proprietary BMPs include hydrodynamic separators, media filtration devices, and catch basin inserts. This category of stormwater BMPs also includes new and emerging technologies that are continually coming onto the market.

Underground storage and infiltration systems are not considered Proprietary BMPs since treatment typically occurs in the soil below the structure, not in the structure itself. Chapter 13 - Structural Stormwater BMP Design Guidance provides design guidance for underground storage and infiltration systems.

Uses and Limitations of Proprietary BMPs

More information on the two uses of proprietary BMPs: pretreatment and treatment.

Third-Party Performance Verification

Recommended third party BMP system pollutant removal performance verification programs for Connecticut proprietary BMPs.

General Design Criteria

Additional general design criteria for proprietary stormwater BMPs.

Maintenance of Proprietary BMPs

Minimum maintenance guidance for proprietary stormwater BMPs to ensure continued effectiveness as pretreatment or treatment systems.