Chapter 2: Stormwater Impacts

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Stormwater and Land Development Impacts

Describes stormwater's place in the water cycle and the various impacts stormwater pollution can have on waterbodies. These impacts are broken down into 4 categories:

  • Hydrologic impacts
  • Stream Channel and Floodplain impacts
  • Water Quality impacts
  • Habitat and Ecological impacts

Impervious Cover

Describes the relationship between impervious cover and stormwater pollution and briefly dives in Directly Connected Impervious Cover (DCIA). More information on DCIA can be found in Chapter 4.

Stormwater Management and Climate Change Impacts

This section reviews where climate resilience is addressed throughout the Manual:

  • Preserving pre-development hydrology with Low Impact Development (Ch. 5) and with structural stormwater BMPs (Ch. 7-13)
  • Updated water quality storm variable in the water quality volume equation (Ch. 4)
  • Sea level rise and other considerations for BMPs within coastal areas (Ch. 4, Ch. 8, Ch. 10)
  • Mitigation of climate change impacts on stream temperatures ad nutrient loads (Ch. 4, Ch. 8)